Morgan Patch


Morgan Patch


Marketing Director





About Morgan Patch

I was born and raised a Colorado native, and moved to Bend, Oregon, two years ago. I started working with Elev8 Mortgage doing contracted work in January of 2023 and loved the family-styled team that they have built.

Having a mind that is geared toward creativity has led me to many great things in my life. I am always looking for a way to channel my constant flow of ideas in a way that is applicable to reality, and collaborating with others to create a great final product is something I’m passionate about.

As the Marketing Director at Elev8, I get to fuse my creativity, ideas, and love for collaboration into one position. I hope to continue to grow in this role and strive to never let the flow of ideas run dry.

In the past, I have worked in the Veterinary Medical field as a hospital-trained veterinary technician and veterinary assistant. I still have a great love for animals, and do miss the hands-on time I used to get with them. However, I make up for that with the time I spend with my big fluffy husky, Leo, and the adventures that we go on together!

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